Another WordPress meetup in Bangkok 🙂
This time I want to have the topic as “Community Future”.
I want to talk about many things.
In one sentence, the future of Bangkok WordPress community.
This contains many questions:

  • Why do we do this?
  • How do we handle the Thai/English language barrier?
  • Is it for users, for Developers or for both? I want it for both but how do we make it comfortable for everyone?
  • Who wants to organize the future meetups?
  • Who wants to get involved more into the global community?
  • What kind of WordCamp shall we have?

So, I’d like to have a small meetup to discuss these questions, no sessions.
No one has the answer. It’s something we can decide ourselves.
This event will be translated into both English/Thai. You can speak in your language. Thank you Woratana Perth Ngarmtrakulchol for your contribution!!

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